RichBrush is very powerful yet simple tool,you can edit  or retouch your photo easily with this software.

You can do many things with this software

  • You can retouch the photo i.e. make skin fair,make blemish disappear,
  • Clone the part of the photo,
  • Enahnce the photo,
  • sharp the edges,
  • Remove the old background and replace with your background
  • Combine many images into one
  • Eraser tool to reomve some unwanted part(eraser with many color)
  • Convert some part of the image in single shade
  • Crop the photo,
  • Resize the photo,
  • Adjust the HIS, CMYK,RGB,Contrast/brightness,Gamma,
  • Insert the text in anywhere in image
  • Many other tools are  i.e. invert color,grayscale,gamma correction,gaussain blur,edges etc.

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You can also try our online editor to add some of the effects with very limited options

Origional Image Remove the blemish Retouched Image
Origional Image Remove unwanted object Retouched Image
Origional Image Fair the skin Retouched Image
Origional Image shade any part shade any part to any color Retouched Image
Origional Image Remove Background> Retouched Image

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